Global Instructor Team

Het Global Instructor Team of GIT van de International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) bestaat uit Krav Maga-experts die over de hele wereld examens afnemen en cursussen en seminars verzorgen.

Avi Moyal - MASTER 2

Chairman of international Krav Maga federation

Avi Moyal was born in 1966 has been studying Krav Maga since childhood soon demonstrating such proficiency that his instructors began having him teach at an early age. In fact, Avi has been teaching Krav Maga for the last 35 years! In 1985 he received his "Expert degree" and joined the IDF Marines. Avi completed his Officers training with excellence, and served as a Platoon Commander in a Terror Demolition Unit. He acquired many combat hours and experience while commanding subordinates on special operations in Lebanon including highly specialized missions behind enemy lines with various SWAT units. He also provided VIP protection for a high ranking IDF General and an intelligence officer. After active duty, Avi served as a Reserves Platoon Commander in a special operations unit.

Avi Moyal graduated all of his trainer’s courses including the senior trainer's course in the Wingate Institute. He later conducted instructor’s courses in the Wingate institute for 7 years, and today he is one of the highest ranking Krav Maga Masters in the world. Among Avi’s instructors were Eli Avigzar RIP and of course Imi Lichtenfeld RIP. As a matter of record, Avi was Imi’s direct and most trusted student as demonstrated by the fact that Avi is the former Chairman of the Aguda (the very first Krav Maga organization).

Currently, Avi serves as the Chairman of the International Krav Maga Federation where he leads the organization in continuing the vision of Master Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder and creator of Krav Maga.  Additionally, Avi is the leading expert and authority in Israel in teaching Krav Maga in the governmental sector and serves as Advisor to the Minister of Sport and Education in the area of Krav Maga. Avi instructs women, children and adults in the Israeli private, commercial and governmental sectors. As a matter of fact, he was the IKMF Master who, at the request of the Israeli government, developed the techniques and teaching programs regarding Women’s Self Defense, Car Rage Defense and Children’s Self Defense. He also continues to instruct various military units and security organizations world wide as he has done for the last 20 years.
One of the things that make Avi such a renowned and respected authority in the world of Krav Maga is his vast “real world” experience.He has proven IDF combat experience as an officer as previously stated and has also provided VIP protection in the civilian arena for world famous entertainment personalities such as Michael Jackson. Avi has also published a booklet about Krav Maga for grade school pupils, which is one of his areas of expertise. It is distributed throughout Israel, and it will soon be translated and published abroad.

Tamir Gilad - EXPERT 5

Tamir Gilad is one of the most respected GIT members within the IKMF. He has the ability to teach krav maga in such a manner that you will love every minute of your training with him. He breathes krav maga, loves it and teaches with passion. Tamir knows how to inspire people to give their best. Being a fire arms instructor for 20 years he can be considered an expert in this field. Tamir will always greet you with a smile and warm welcome. A brother in krav maga regardless your rank.

Israel Cohen - EXPERT 3

Head of mililitary and s.w.a.t. training division

IKMF law enforcement & swat instructor, Started krav maga at age 10 and became km instructor at 16. He studied Karate, BJJ and Boxing and has BS in electrical engineering. Military Service: Israeli Navy commando unit 13 Team leader in paratroopers SWAT team, airmarshal. Post military service: joined the Israeli secret service, served as a combat fighter and as a KM instructor in the SWAT team exclusively assigned to the prime minister. For the past 5 years he was assigned to: Israeli commando unit (equivalent to U.S. Navy Seals), the Israeli secret service ( prime ministers detail), Airmarshalls and various special forces units within the IDF. Certified to instruct multiple tactical firearms. Since May 2012 Israel Cohen has joined the IKMF fulltime as GIT.

Israel Tamir - EXPERT 4

Head of security & law enforcement division

Shlomi Moyal - EXPERT 3

Head of women's and kids krav maga training division

Dan Oren - EXPERT 2

Tactical instructor

Dan Oren - Expert 2 Combat Shooting and Krav Maga instructor. Martial art training from the age of five, Military boarding school student served in the Navy (idf). Engaged in combat continuously for 10 years served in the Ministry of Defence Project management training train Israeli security division for four years also an instructor- security unit in east Jerusalem, police courts, security unit at the border, training special forces in Africa and manages the Cmd"r training for two years in high Deals primarily with training courses. But first and foremost, and a Krav Maga instructor! I was, and still - Avi Moyal's student.

Marcus Torgerson - EXPERT 2 g.i.t.

Marcus Torgerson is van Noors/Canadese komaf momenteel Expertlevel 2 en in Israel in opleiding om IKMF's eerste niet Israelische GIT te worden. De meesten van ons kennen Marcus wel van facebook. Een medium dat hij uitvoerig gebruikt om zijn geliefde krav maga aan de wereld te tonen. Als je hem eenmaal ontmoet hebt vergeet je hem nooit meer. Open en warme persoonlijkheid en een spraakwaterval met gevoel voor humor.

Martijn Bos - EXPERT 4

E.I.T. lead instructor

Martijn is met Expert 4 de hoogst gegradueerde instructeur in Nederland en behoort tot het IKMF Expert team dat wereldwijd wordt ingezet om het krav maga te verspreiden. Als lead instructor van het Nederlands team is het samen met de Israeli zijn taak het team naar een nog hoger niveau te brengen. Naast krav maga is Martijn een autoriteit op gebied van functional training en heeft een uniek fitness programma ontwikkeld "Trojan workout" dat in Nederland en daarbuiten geroemd wordt door experts.

David Stevens - EXPERT 1